Patchwork Quilt Gardens

Everyone has mixes and combos.The Patchwork Quilt Garden is unique in that it tells a story which peaks the customer’s interest and makes it easy to sell. The Patchwork Quilt Garden was created in 2013 and features unique combos that correlate to a traditional quilt pattern. From the Double Wedding Ring pattern to the Pinwheel Paradise pattern your customers are sure to love the colors these baskets provide.

Quilt Gardens are easy to schedule, order, grow, and sell. Combinations are selected using three compatible plants, use 3 plants per 10” basket and 6 plants for 12-18” baskets. When you place your order your box will contain two 51 ct. strips of your three varieties, 306 total liners per box. In your box will also be the tags to help you tell a story as to why these varieties were chosen for this combo. Quilt Garden baskets are easy for you to finish with all plants in your quilt garden needing similar water, food, and light to grow together. The 3.25” x 6.25” tag is colorful and sure to attract attention. Each and every variety was chosen from the best genetics to ensure continuous blooms all season long.

Double Wedding Ring

The Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern symbolizes love and commitment. A popular gift among newly-weds, these scalloped-arched quilts have been in existence for almost two hundred years. According to legend, the double bands in the quilts pattern were used as a solution for wedding rings during the Civil War. Our Patchwork Quilt Garden, Double Wedding Ring, has a pattern that reminds me of the unity of marriage. All three white flowers, Euphorbia, Petunia, and Calibrachoa pop off the green foliage behind.


Grandmother’s Flower Garden

When it comes to intricacy, no quilt pattern is more complex than Grandmother’s Flower Garden. With the quilt sometimes containing thousands of small hexagons, this pattern is known for its great deal of labor. Even with hundreds of variations, all prove to be a true accomplishment when finished. Our Patchwork Quilt Garden expresses just how elaborate and beautiful this pattern is. The plants, Sweet Potato Vine, Purple and Rose Petunias, and Pink Verbena, are chosen to give the grower a similar feeling of accomplishment as they see the flower patterns come together.

Wild Goose Chase

The Flying Geese quilt pattern can be traced back as early as 1833, while the pattern itself has been in existence for centuries. Created by using triangles, surrounded by fabric that personifies the sky, the Flying Geese quilt pattern reminds us of the infamous “V” formation geese take to while traveling long distances. Our flowers and color patterns were carefully chosen to create a bright and relaxing atmosphere that complements any home. This quilt garden uses dark Sweet Potato Vine, white Petunias, and Peach Verbena for a stunning look.


Antique Tile

Sometimes minimalism and simplicity are the most beautiful things in life. The Antique Tile quilt pattern is known for being a project on an easier scale. Commonly this quilt is made from scraps left over from other patterns, giving it many personalities from different quilts. To me, I find that a beauty in its self. The Patchwork Quilt Garden, Antique Tile, takes that simplicity and turns it into an extravagant floral masterpiece. Two colors of Torenia are combined with Lysimachia to bring out the colors. While this quilt pattern may be known for its simplicity, our Patchwork Quilt Garden is not. Whether it’s used to complement an already impressive garden, or as a beautiful start, the Antique Tile Patch Work Quilt Garden is guaranteed to stand out.


Pinwheel Paradise

Every mother knows the excitement and lunacy of bringing up children, while also knowing the surreal feeling of having them leave home. This sewing pattern reminds me of the joyous time spent with my children. While the patchwork garden, Pinwheel Paradise, accomplishes the same feat with three colors of Calibrachoa. The color pattern of this patchwork garden makes for a brighter, and more youthful, summer.

Midnight Gardens

Elaborate, bright and beautiful flowers blossom in the “Midnight Gardens”.  Brilliant pink and purple and yellow spirals stand out against the dark black and gray, giving the flowers of the garden a certain glow. It brings to mind the beauty of the moon on a night with clear skies. With the use of darker colors, the Patchwork Quilt Garden, Midnight Gardens, creates a cooling feeling on the hottest summer days. Whether being observed at day or night, the Midnight Gardens give off a unique charm that compliments any home. This combo looks best in large baskets.

Mariners Compass

The compass rose is the symbol of Seattle, as well as the entire maritime community. The Mariners Compass quilt pattern commemorates all men of the sea and brings to mind stories like that of Thea Foss. She first got involved in the maritime industry when in 1889 she bought a rowboat for five dollars, fixed it up a bit, then sold it for a profit. She later became famous for being the real-life person on which the character “Tugboat Annie” was based on. Thea Foss founded Foss Maritime, one of the largest tugboat companies in the world. It stories like these that are survived through the Mariners Compass. When I look out my window to see my Mariner Compass Patchwork Quilt Garden, I am reminded of the ocean and the magnificence of it.

Patriot Puzzle

The Patriot Puzzle quilt pattern has been honoring United States veterans for almost two hundred years. Very popular gifts for World War II veterans, more and more of these precious treasures are being discovered. With World War II ending almost 70 years ago, the world is losing its veterans day by day. It’s through items like these that a hero’s story stays existent. Our Patchwork Quilt Garden, Patriot Puzzle, honors those veterans and aims to keep their spirit alive. By using red, white and blue petunias, this Patchwork Quilt Garden becomes the perfect patriotic addition to anyone’s home.


Opposites Attract

Opposites attract, what else is there to say. Everyone knows the truth behind that statement. Aside from real-life examples, nothing expresses the reality of that theory better than the quilt pattern of the same name. The Opposites Attract quilt pattern is created from the use of recognized shapes, usually, circles, split into two different colors. The pattern reminds me of my dog and cat. While the two are notorious for not being compatible, my dog and cat are best friends. Examples like this go to show that some of the strongest bonds in the world are formed from opposing ideas. Our Patchwork Quilt Garden, Opposites Attract, represents this. While most of the colors in the garden are dark, they are complemented by a beautiful purple and orange that makes for a unique addition to any home.

Lover’s Knot

Nothing is stronger than the bond of love, and that’s expressed through the quilt pattern Lover’s Knot. With over-lapping fabrics and colors, the pattern creates multiple knots that symbolize unity. Out Patchwork Quilt Garden, Lover’s Knot has a similar, visual utilizing large pink Petunias with orange and yellow Calibrachoa. Using the colors Orange, Yellow, and Fuchsia, the garden provides the feeling of warmth. A feeling that one experiences when in love.

Jacob’s Ladder

The quilt pattern, Jacob’s Ladder, is full of history and legend. Most believe the pattern was introduced sometime in the mid-1800’s, while others claim the pattern can be found as early as 100 AD. Its involvement in the Underground Railroad is perhaps the most famous of its historical references. The quilt was supposedly used as a directional signal, draped over clotheslines to lead escaped slaves to safety. Our Patchwork Quilt Garden, Jacob’s Ladder is an eye catcher and reminds me of the history this pattern holds.


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