Unique and Flavorful Market and Garden Vegetables







Unique and flavorful vegetable varieties win coveted All America Selection awards and earn the attention of those who enjoy the nations increased flavor euphoria, our country’s changing tastes and demand for well-crafted vegetable varieties is on the rise.

Check out Seeds by Design’s new 2017 AAS winners.

Breeding work at Seeds by Design is focused on the end user and enjoys award winning results in many niche crops. “I want to continue to offer our customers unique and flavorful vegetable varieties for the expanding foodie craze. The younger generations are very food oriented and demand variety, even in their dining, eating, and gardening ventures. Hybrid heirloom tomatoes are a great example of a product for this market trend. (To succeed) …businesses need to keep their offerings fresh and relevant.”

“As a mother of 38, 25 and 22-year-old daughters, I feel connected to this youthful purchasing trend. My girls buy goods and products differently than my generation.”

View some of Seed by Designs unique national and regional All America Selections winners:

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