Peppers for the Patio: So Many Options!

By Jeannine Bogard


Extensively trialed in Gilroy, California, Syngenta peppers readily adapt to containers  as small as 10″. Compared to in-ground plantings, our pepper varieties maintain fruit size, flavor, and yield potential in containers. To avoid water stress and tipping over from high fruit load, the ideal patio pot size is 12″-14″. Cages are highly recommended to help support branches heavily laden with fruit.

Great Combos:

Varieties with elongated fruit are very easy to harvest with multiple plants in a single container. Cavalcade sweet banana and Aruba cubanelle are a good starting point. Add a sweet blocky such as Cutlass or the spicy jalapeno Compadre to create an attractive and bountiful combination planter. For a “Stoplight” container Admiral and Crusader pair up well in timing and size.



Early maturing, even under conditions that make gaining size difficult

Harvest consistent yields of sweet Cubanelles over an extended season

Outstanding vigor, erect plants supports large sized fruit without overcrowding


Cavalcade NEW!

Best disease resistance package available for Bacterial Leaf Spot

Widely-adaptable, high-yielding, and robust plants with concentrated fruit set

Smooth slender fruit retains bright yellow color longer providing flexibility in harvest

Thick walled peppers with low shoulders are ideal for 
eating fresh or processing



Large, thick-fleshed fruit are tasty hot, and matures from shiny green to red

Produces high yields of top-quality fruit with little cracking, even under stress

Vigorous plant with continuous flowering and fruiting, even in cool temperatures




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