Savannah’s Spring Selections!

Savannah’s Spring Selections!

While my tenure with Syngenta is still in its first season, I have quickly become a big fan of so much of our product line and wish that my yard were just a little  bit bigger.  The following are some exciting “must-have” items that have topped the list for me from both a production and consumer standpoint.


DipladeniaMadinia™ Coral Pink

Coral Pink is a new, eye-catching variety with the same limited vining and class-leading disease resistance that the Madinia™ series is known for.  This variety offers the grower versatility and efficiency.  It performs well in both small and large containers, and with the limited vining feature, more plants can be produced per square foot with lower labor inputs.  Available as both unrooted and callused cuttings.


PetuniaDekko™ Star Coral & Star Rose

The Dekko™ series has been selected for its outstanding performance in a wide range of applications. It is suitable for small pots, mixed containers and is amazing in the landscape.  The series is comprised on ten vivid colors, including two with a star pattern; Star Coral and Star Rose.  These varieties have quickly become grower favorites and have received rave reviews at trial gardens.

VerbenaLanai® Cyclops Purple

Lanai® Cyclops Purple is most notable for its unique, large white center, giving it a bicolor effect. An excellent choice for mixed containers, this variety will be a featured component in a new Kwik Kombo™ Picotee Passion™ Mix for the 19-20 season.  As with all varieties in the Lanai® series, Cyclops Purple has superb disease-resistance.

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