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INDUSTRY NEWS;  “In 2017 Benary made history by creating a new way of doing business in the industry. Benary+ is their new joint venture between Benary and Volmary, a highly respected breeder/ producer of vegetative cuttings in Germany. Through Benary+, growers can buy seed and vegetative lines direct from the source. “

By partnering with Patchwork Gardens Greenhouses LLC to root Benary’s unrooted material, Benary Plus genetics are available as liners to all growers through the broker network. Patchwork, in collaboration with brokers and Benary Plus specialists, combed through the newest list of Benary Plus genetics, and with the help of field trials and input from the sales department, selected 51 varieties to launch as rooted 102 trays to brokers selling out of Patchwork.

Here are just a few of the items they selected:

  • Bidens Taka Tuka– Unique bi-colored flowers are perfect for hanging baskets or mixed containers
  • Buddleia Summer Bird® Compact– A well-branched butterfly bush for patio pots or small space gardens
  • Calibrachoa Calita Series– An outstanding mounded habit and intense colors make this series a must
  • Coleus Malibu– A very compact series with intense color. Perfect for mixed containers
  • Dahlia Lubega Power XL– Huge flowers that will stop your customers in their tracks!
  • Fuchsia Fuchsita®– An early blooming upright series for mixed containers and patio pots
  • Fuchsia Leonita®– A well-branched, early blooming trailing series for hanging baskets
  • New Guinea Impatiens Magnifico®– An outstanding series is a wide color range
  • Geranium Grandeur® Series– A versatile series in a wide color range including several bi-colors
  • Petunia Tumbelina®– A fragrant, double flowered petunia series for hanging baskets
  • Salvia farinacea Farina®– The most uniform series on the market. Long lasting, huge flowers
  • Scaevola Abonico– Well branched, early and compact. Perfect for 5” pots or hanging baskets
  • Thunbergia Sunny Susy™– Early to flower with a compact habit for lots of flowers
  • Verbena Samira series– A versatile, mildew-tolerant series in a broad range of colors

Patchwork Gardens has reliably supplied both plugs and liners to commercial finishers for many years.  Patchwork has been owned and operated by the Wilt family since 1983. Customer Communication, Quality Products, and Complete Accuracy is what they strive for on a daily basis.

“These core principles have driven Benary, also a family owned business, for the last 175 years. At Benary, we are pleased to be working with such like-minded companies and look forward to the opportunities that this alliance will bring. “ Benary Plus.

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2 thoughts on “Benary+ Rooted Liners

  • I know Patchwork Greenhouse, they supply our spring liners and fall mums. We first started with Patchwork to try their Patchwork Quilt Combo’s. Sold out every basket and in year 2 customers were returning with the tags to repeat and even buy new combos. We are not familiar with Volmary but we grow Inspire Pansies for early Spring sales. These Benary+ varieties are going to be real traffic stoppers. Great addition, we will add several to our 4 1/2″ and combo program.

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