The Language of Summer Flowers

The Language of Summer Flowers

Authored by: Patty Buskirk






Many Market Gardeners are increasing their offering of seasonal cut flowers at farmers markets and roadside stands. The next time you look at a fresh cut bouquet of flowers think of their meaning. Below is just a few of the popular Summer cut flowers that are easy to grow from seed. My girls and I love to plant a mixture of flowers to display, so seed at least 5-6 different types to create your mixed bouquets.

All of the following seeds are Certified Organic:

Amaranth – Immortality

Bachelor Button – Blessed

Coreopsis – Cheerful

Larkspur – Fickleness

Sunflower – False Riches

Sweet Pea – Good Bye

Zinnia – Missing You

Do not limit your bouquet experience to just purchasing from your favorite flower vendor.  Now is the perfect time to sow a cutting garden at your home. No need to purchase plants, the above list of cut flowers can easily be seeded in the summer months. Don’t have the garden space, consider growing your bouquets in a container on a patio or balcony.

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