There is a Gediflora family for every season!


Bernard Chodyla, Gediflora Belgian Mums sales and technical support

Belgian Mums by Gediflora continue to wow consumers with incredible colors, perfect rounded shape and garden performance. We are making our varieties easy to grow, perfectly uniform and more profitable for the grower. Gediflora genetics don’t require pinching or use of PGRs, they are more flexible and ship better. These advantages will save you significant amount of money, reduce shrinkage and increase sell through in retail.

Gediflora is the only garden mum supplier which offers families for each season in the fall and summer. Our families consist of several colors that will flower on the same day and finish at the same size. This makes them ideal for making color combinations which can score higher price in wholesale and retail.

We are expanding existing families in 2020 by adding Arluno Red and Arluno Dark Pink to the Arluno family. Fonti Dark Pink and Fonti Coral to the Fonti family and Aduro Red to the Aduro Family.

The Fonti family is first to flower and will show color in weeks 32-35 in New England states, Minnesota and on the West Coast. For growers in Midwest and Mid Atlantic states Fonti will flower in weeks 35-36 and in the Southeast weeks 36-37. Unlike some other very early varieties Fonties are very vigorous and will size up for early sales. Growers should use Fonties for 8” and larger containers only. Fonti family consists of 7 colors with very large, attractive flowers which open gradually making them saleable for a very long time.


The Arluno family should be scheduled for week 38 finish in the North and week 39 in the South. This family consists of 7 colors which allows to make very attractive color combinations. Arlunos will give you a perfect rounded shape, uniformity and flexibility. This family is less vigorous than Fonti or Padre and therefore most suitable for small and medium size containers. If you are small to medium size grower you can easily schedule your mid-season sales with seven beautiful colors and their combinations.  The Arluno family is also the best choice for growers experiencing issues with Fusarium. We found after two seasons that all 7 Arlunos are our most resistant varieties to Fusarium.


The Aduro Family

There is nothing more beautiful than the two-tone reds and bronzes that you get from Aduro family for early to mid-October sales. The Aduro family should be scheduled with the Jasodas and Staviskis to flower in week 41 in the North and 43 in the South. For many of you in the South the Aduros will be the perfect family for Halloween sales and will last until Thanksgiving.


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