Best-in-Class Geranium Breeding

Matt Blanchard, Product Manager:

Syngenta Flowers has a long history of geranium breeding and industry-first innovations. In 2020-21 we are proud to introduce 14 new vegetative geraniums that include both zonal and interspecific varieties.

Mojo™ Series

The Mojo Interspecific geranium series has dark leaves, upright habits, medium vigor, and was first introduced last year with Mojo Dark Red.  In 2020-21, we added four new colors: Cranberry Splash, Orange, Salmon, and White.  Mojo Cranberry Splash is especially unique and features large double cranberry colored flowers with darker red splashes on petals.

Rosalie™ Antique Salmon

Rosalie is a truly unique zonal geranium with soft pink rosebud-like double flowers that standout at retail and in the garden. A novelty variety that is simply irresistible and adds a new twist to geranium programs.

Caldera™ Series

Caldera is a new interspecific geranium series with that beats the summer heat with dark foliage and available in three striking colors: Pink, Red, and Salmon. Caldera has the same flower intensity and heat tolerance as Caliente geraniums, but with a spreading habit. A perfect choice for landscape plantings, baskets, and mixed containers.

Moxie™ Series

Moxie!™ is the only compact interspecific geranium series perfectly suited for space-efficient production in small pots and with unique brilliant colors. This year we introduced two new colors – Orange and Violet. We also improved Moxie! White which has been upgraded for darker foliage, flower power, and garden performance.

Calliope Medium Cherry

Calliope Medium interspecific geraniums are the perfect choice for medium sized pots with mounding habits and a wide range of colors including unique novelties. This year we introduce Cherry which brings the total varieties in the series to 16.

We also introduced Ivy League Cherry Blossom and Americana Scarlet Fire. Check out our webCAST presentation and materials for geraniums to learn more about all our new varieties.

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