Majorette Gerbera: Colorful & Long-lasting!

Greg Gabrels – Ornamental Key Account Manager, Sakata Seed America:

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Gerbera daisies have a universal appeal that stretches across generations, reaching out to young and old alike. Women are particularly fond of them, using them in everything from weddings and home décor to clothing and accessories.

Follow the Trends

Since the 60’s era of daisy-covered Volkswagen buses, Flower Power demonstrations and embroidered hip huggers, daisies have gone in and out of fashion, but sooner or later they find their way back to the top of the market. Today, one doesn’t have to look hard to find daisies on everything from Kleenex boxes and air fresheners to fingernails, clothing and bedding, and can be classified as funky, retro and playful or classic, elegant and formal.


And people love them — research proves it. When customer focus groups were asked to choose their favorite flower out of different flower heights and patterns, the recognition and approval of daisies was off the charts. Research showed that women were especially drawn to the flower, even more so than men were.

White, pink and yellow daisies seem to be the most popular, showing up in bouquets, boutonnieres, cakes, centerpieces, hair accessories, decorations and even on wedding dresses.

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Create the “Wow” Factor with Majorette

The biggest benefit of Sakata’s Majorette compared to other series on the market is their large flowers.  They are versatile plants that can go from small pots all the way to large containers. Majorettes come in clear colors and some beautiful bicolors, all of which perform well for retailers and consumers alike!

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